: LoKer Palembang Terbaru PT. Edison Duta Sarana Maret 2023

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PT. Edison Duta Sarana saat ini membutuhkan karyawan dengan posisi sebagai berikut :

Posisi :
Marketing Executive

Kualifikasi :
  1. Bachelor's degree in any field.
  2. Having experience to sell anasthesia and obgyn products (ex competitor will be priorit).
  3. Strong analytical, communication, time-management and creativity skills.
  4. Strong ability to focus on customer/market and take initiative experience with social media (WhatssApp, Instagram, Linkedin etc)

Responsibilities :
  1. Identify target audiences, objectives and desired outcomes of marketing campaign.
  2. Research and develop marketing strategy, and evaluate success strategy.
  3. Develop market.
  4. Stay up-to-date on current marketing trends.
  5. Manage and allocate budget correctly.
  6. Maintenance of customers with good communication.
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PT. Edison Duta Sarana
Subject Email : Beta_MR
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