: LoKer SumSel Terbaru 2 Posisi PT. Oki Pulp & Paper Agustus 2023

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PT. Oki Pulp & Paper saat ini membutuhkan karyawan dengan posisi sebagai berikut :

Posisi & Kualifikasi :
- QA/QC Civil Inspector
1. Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering.
2. Proven experience as a QA/QC Inspector in civil construction projects, with a minimum of 7-10+ years of relevant experience.
3. Thorough understanding of civil engineering principles, construction codes, and quality standards.
4. Strong attention to detail and the ability to identify and resolve quality issues.
5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with project teams and stakeholders.
6. Proficiency in using software and applications relevant to quality control and inspection processes.
7. Must be able to communicate in English (the interview will be conducted in English).
8. Willing to be placed at Baung site area (Palembang).

- Fiberline Specialist Project
1. Bachelor's degree or higher in Chemical Engineering, Pulp and Paper Technology, or a related field.
2. Proven experience and expertise in working with fiberline processes and equipment in the pulp and paper industry. A minimum of 5 years of experience as a Fiberline Specialist is typically required.
3. In-depth knowledge of fiberline processes, including cooking, washing, screening, bleaching, and refining.
4. Strong troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve operational issues and equipment malfunctions in the fiberline.
5. Proficiency in using relevant software and applications for data analysis and process monitoring.
6. Must be able to communicate in English (the interview will be conducted in English).
7. Willing to be placed at Baung site area (Palembang).
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